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Mastering the art of Storytelling!
by Rajiv Anand

Host: Rajiv Anand

Guest 1: Rajesh CNB

Guest 2: Sukeerti

Episode Highlights

– Storytelling

– Our connection with stories

– Usage of storytelling by brands & its impact on us. (Google Advertisement: The Reunion)

– How to master the art of storytelling using six key elements (view & download the six key document)

  1. Great stories are universal
  2. Clear Structure & Purpose
  3. Have a character to root
  4. Appeal to your deepest emotions
  5. Make it surprising & unexpected
  6. Keep it simple & focused

This episode, peeps at ThePeepTimes have talked about storytelling, its importance in the modern world and how you must use it as a #leader #influencer #speaker or a #professional.

Principles are forgotten but we never forget stories.

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Mastering the art of Storytelling!
The Art of Storytelling
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